Er…how can I test my business idea?

How about a 30-day challenge which will shape your ideas and allow you to test it with potential customers giving you the confidence and model you need to build a sustainable business. For two hours a week, you will work through step-by-step challenges and achievable goals to cement solid foundations for your impact startup. After 30 days you will have tested and developed:

  • The all-important value proposition of your business idea
  • The market need for your business and whether there is any actual, you know, demand for it
  • If appropriate, a minimum viable product. Don’t worry, after 30 days you’ll know what that means
  • And here’s the really exciting bit: you’ll have made your first sale

Yes, the 30-day challenge is free but, no, you can’t do it until you’ve completed our workshop so we can evaluate your idea.

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