Er…Where can I get help with product development?

How about a fully staffed and equipped Innovation Lab which will allow you to test and tinker with your product before it has to get anywhere near that fickle beast, the marketplace? Ours is a state-of-the-art facility that is properly tooled up with a range of gear for testing, proto-typing and simulation as well as some useful media stuff to help with the marketing side. Our booty includes:

  • Computer aided design (what people in the know call “CAD”).
  • A whole range of 3D printers, laser cutters and vinyl printers
  • Making equipment for metalwork, woodwork, electronics, fabrication and finishing (but way beyond what you used in GCSE).
  • Digital media to help you with photography, video and audio creation and editing. We just can’t promise it will go viral.
  • A Systems Suite (sensor systems, Internet of Things, drone systems, payloads development, virtual reality development). Please try not to drool on the displays.

While our other programmes are fully funded, you’re going to have to fish out some money for this one as membership of the Innovation Lab will set you back £30 a month. But you can cancel at any time though. Like Netflix.

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