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Allia is an independent not for profit with a social mission, dedicated to helping impact organisations and initiatives to grow.  Allia believes that our world needs effective solutions and new thinking to solve the most pressing global and local challenges – ending poverty, protecting our planet and ensuring good health and prosperity for all, thereby positively transforming peoples’ lives.

Organisations and individuals that aim to make positive change and address these challenges are called impact ventures and impact entrepreneurs. To achieve these goals, Allia recognises that these impact entrepreneurs and ventures need the right kind of resource and support and is dedicated to helping them set-up, grow and develop through:

  • Allia Future Business Centres – inspiring workspaces in Cambridge, East London and Peterborough
  • Allia Serious Impact – effective free support for impact entrepreneurs and ventures to help them to innovate, start up, grow and scale
  • Allia Impact Finance – innovative social finance to allow large scale charities to access institutional debt finance for growth projects (e.g. social housing, care homes, education).

We call it “amplifying impact”.

Our work has always supported those who are committed to addressing these challenges and we have helped thousands of people into work, into housing and out of debt. Over 700 impact initiatives have been assisted to start up, grow, scale up – launching exciting new innovations and working with communities – to create more jobs and raise nearly £300m of impact investment. Our goal, by 2020, is to have supported 1,000 initiatives.

Allia in East London

Building on our existing workspaces in Cambridge and Peterborough, we opened our newest Allia Future Business Centre in Hackney in the summer of 2017. East London faces some very real challenges including the need for local employment for people living locally.

Allia is focusing its initial work in East London specifically to help local entrepreneurs through our Incubator programme and existing businesses through our Growth Accelerator so that they can grow their businesses, develop local economic opportunities and create employment for local people. Allia believes that if every start-up and SME could create just one new job, it would have a massive positive impact on people’s financial wellbeing and help transform communities

Allia opened its Future Business Centre East London in Hackney in 2017. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses that create jobs in East London for East Londoners.

Find out more about Allia and it’s Future Business Centres across the UK here.

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