We’ve got £1.7 million from a range of organisations to provide free support to impact entrepreneurs and business ventures across the Greater Cambridgeshire and Greater Peterborough LEP. We’re channeling the whole lot into five channels of training and advice, all based in our Allia Future Business Centres. Not one penny has been spent on sparkling mineral water.

We’re Allia by the way. We’re a not for profit and we’re all about creating positive impact for society, through enterprise. We have been since 1999 and our roll call of successes over the last 2 years contains 400 business ventures that have so far tallied up 240 new jobs created.

We like to do things like provide affordable workspaces for startups, generate entrepreneurial inspiration for future business leaders and bring like-minded startups together to create networks that are more than the sums of their parts. We don’t like to do things like charge money to access our events or wear ties with cartoon characters on.

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