Er…How can I get involved?

How about a weekend of skill sharing, idea inspiring and collaboration cultivation alongside new and experienced entrepreneurs across a range of industries? Our Serious Impact Challenge Weekends aren’t just a chance to form new peer groups among the cool gangs of the smart-cities, agri tech, clean-tech, health and sectors, you’ll also become immersed in identifying impact solutions to a pressing social or environmental challenge that could find an immediate route to market. Serious Impact Challenge Weekends:

  • Present real world hackathon challenges to tease, torment and tickle your braincells.
  • Require no specific knowledge or experience, just an open mind and a can-do attitude.
  • Rattle along at a fine old pace with the help of full-blown industry experts and professional facilitators.
  • Include complimentary refreshments and meals. Clear eyes. Full bellies. Can’t lose.
  • Are entirely free. We’ll even validate your parking. Strictly no after-hours parties on-premises though.

The first Challenge Weekend is being run with CUTEC, focusing on Transport in Cambridge. We’re looking for students and experts to get involved, learn more here.

Upcoming Events