Er…How can we get our start-up idea to launch?

How about an intensive accelerator programme with training, workshops, mentoring and talks from people who have already been through the process?

Join a cohort of like-minded impact entrepreneurs to build, develop and consolidate your knowledge and skills, with expert help for great teams (or individuals) with new ideas, to launch and grow sustainable impact ventures.

We’ll work with you in key areas of Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Finance, to develop and action the right plans to make your business grow.

Er…How does it work?

  • Three 1-day pillar sessions: Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Finance
  • Tactical short courses to help you fill in any gaps
  • Regular 2-hour review sessions with the group
  • One-to-one support from an experienced business advisor

Er…what does it cover?

Sales & Marketing

  • Proposition, brand and positioning
  • Customer segments and targetting
  • Messaging, conversion and pitching


  • Structure, shareholdings, responsibilities
  • Tax, legals, IP and registrations
  • Policies, staffing and systems


  • Business model, income and expenses
  • Cash flow management
  • Funding options and financial planning

Er…who is it for?

Spaces are open to individuals and teams who can show that their idea has the potential to make a positive impact on people, planet or place, and that they are ready and committed to making their business a success.

Successful applicants must commit to attending all three Pillar Sessions and each Review Session as a condition of enrollment.

Er…what will it cost?

This sought after programme is free to successful applicants.

Er… where do I sign up?

The next Accelerator begins in Cambridge on 22 May. Applications are now open, and will close 15 May 2017.


Er…where can I learn more? Come to a free meet & greet to quiz the team, find the next one here.

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The next Serious Impact Accelerator begins in Cambridge on 22 May.

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